June 2023 Update

David Amann   -  

It’s summer 2023, and we have been eagerly awaiting our building project moving into the final approval phases. However, as things go in the development world, we’ve had a couple of slowdowns, so we wanted to give you the latest updates.

Town of Cary Development Plan Process
We’ve been hoping that our March submission to the Town of Cary would be our final submission before our development plan was approved. (We still have to get building & grading permits but those are quicker processes and require a development plan approval) However, there were a few areas the Town had additional feedback on, and we are resubmitting our plans on Monday, June 18. Our conversations with the Town after their most recent comments have been clarifying & encouraging. We have reason to believe we are very close to final approval – and maybe this review cycle will take less time than the last 3.


We are praying this can be our final development plan submission and invite you to pray this with us.


Wetland Challenge

Additionally, we hit a very unexpected slowdown recently. A typically simple process related to wetlands became complicated by changes in May. Our project just happened to be perfectly timed to be caught in limbo while these changes to wetland rules and procedures are finalized. We have an alternative path that we can take, which is much better than other projects that are just stuck waiting. However, our new path comes with extra waiting time (approximately 150 days). Our team has determined that the 150 day wait is the right approach because no one knows how long it will take before there is clarity for the other process. The paperwork for the alternative approach will be submitted next week.



As a result of the above, we no longer see a realistic scenario that includes a ground-breaking this summer (unless both of the above processes move much quicker than expected!) While we’re disappointed by this news, we’re confident that God’s timing is always right, even when it involves a lot more waiting than we want! (Need encouragement about God’s timing? Be sure to listen to the message on Genesis 17 from June 11!)


If you have any questions, the Building Team welcomes you to reach out to us by email or chat with us anytime.

David Amann, Ryan Clarke, Tom Croft, Leanne Gemma, Aaron Kiefer, Karen Scott, Ed Tang