Brainstorming + Soil Borings + Architecture Charette

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Brainstorming: Community Engagement

On Sunday, August 29, we facilitated a brainstorming exercise after our worship gathering. We asked our church family to help us think about how our property helps us love our neighbors and serve as a light for the Gospel in this community. Specifically what are the practical ways a building, land or programming can become vehicles for engaging our neighbors throughout the week?

You can check out the results of the brainstorming activity here.

**Did you miss it? You can participate by filling out this survey!**

Soil Borings
Our engineering firm was out on the property doing soil borings last week.

These borings will help inform the next steps in our process – specifically knowing some key information about the soil conditions in potential locations for a future building.

Next Steps

We’re scheduled to meet with our engineering team next week and then our architect on September 15! Please be praying for these meetings as we hone in on building design, evaluate construction methods, and more. We plan to bring you another update in October after these meetings have occurred.

If you have any questions at all, I’d love to hear from you.

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