20 Acres at Morrisville Parkway White Oak Church Road

David Amann   -  

A little history on how we got to 2021 & Morrisville Parkway/White Oak Church Rd:

    1. It all started with a 2014 plan to buy 60 acres, sell 40 acres and keep 20 acres and a house for offices.
    2. But selling 40 acres took 4 years, not the expected 6 months or less to sell
    3. When we finally sold the land, we owned the 20 acres with a small outstanding debt. Today we own the land free & clear.
    4. We have made the Town of Cary required off-site improvements including road widening and sidewalks, sewer and water.
    5. We had plans from 2014, but for a number of reasons those plans cannot be built as designed – costs, development requirements, etc…

Learning – The real estate business can be a challenge. Churches are not in the real estate business.