Hello, Pandemic

David Amann   -  

A look back over the unexpected challenges & opportunities of 2020 & 2021

  1. The Panther Creek Sunday 6-hour rented space was vacated in March 2020
  2. Live streaming worship from the office was created.
  3. The church property was already outfitted with a landscaped park space for student ministry. Additional temporary improvements were made.
  4. Live streaming moved to the outdoors in August 2020
    1. A tent was erected for rain protection
    2. Covid precautions were taken
    3. Worship times flexed to 3 PM to keep us warmer and to 9 AM to keep us cooler
    4. On-site attendance grew to about 180 
    5. The tent was replaced with shade sails
  5. A focus on healthy Life Group & other smaller group environments was important for sustaining the body 
  6. Several new families began joining us as they saw us worshipping outside on our property or were invited by friends.
  7. Nursery and NWKids space were initiated on-site
  8. The outside venue is used by many groups during the week
  9. A church-wide celebration for graduating seniors, baptisms and fellowship was on June 6

Learning – NWCC has demonstrated its flexibility, retaining relationships & connection, prioritizing the gathering of the church – while staying safe.